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The wide range of its products widely satisfy all the market’s needs in various market sectors; just one supplier to satisfy large and various operative and productive demands. Browse through our detailed list of industrial products and services to access companies within these and many other categories. Call us +39 080.5367090
Product Categories
storage / retrieval system
square flange bearing units
sealing ringsself-aligning ball bearingsslewing rings
spherical roller bearingsspindle bearings
simplex sproc. hardened teeth bore keyway setscrew holesspecial chainsspiral bevel gears gleason
sprockets and idler wheelsspurgearsstainless steel slatband chains with rubber top
stainless steel sproc. aisi 304 l simplex sproc. hardened teethsteel slatband chainssteel tabletop and platetop chains
straps and sledges
 control technology
safe disconnectionsafe fieldbussimple and flexible i/o
simodrive 611simodrive posmosimoreg accessories
simoreg ccpsimoreg cmsimoreg dc-master
sinamics dcmsinamics dcm cabinetssinamics dcm control module
sinamics dcm dc converterssinamics g110 built-in unitssinamics g120 built-in units
sinamics g120c built-in unitssinamics gl150sinamics gm150
sinamics sm150
stainless steel coupling with composite tube spacer for cooling tower applicationsstainless steel discs and axially split spacer for short dbse applications (imperial)stainless steel discs and axially split spacer for short dbse applications (metric)
stainless steel discs in factory assembled cartridge for high duty applications (imperial)stainless steel discs in factory assembled cartridge for high duty applications (metric)stainless steel discs in factory assembled cartridge for medium duty applications (imperial)
stainless steel discs in factory assembled cartridge for medium duty applications (metric)stainless steel discs in factory assembled packs
 electric drives
servo drivessoftwaresolutions software
syn digital inverter
 electric motors
seat & headrest adjustmentseries 5 - shaft height 500-630series 5 slipring motors
series 6 - shaft height 160-280series 7 - shaft height 355-450servo electric motors
servo geared motorsservoconverters and servomotors servomotors 1fk7
servomotors 1fs6servomotors 1ft6servomotors 1ft7
servomotors 1fushaded pole electric motorsshunt wound electric motors
simotics complete torque motors 1fw3simotics dcsimotics dp definite purpose motors
simotics gp general purpose motorssimotics ht-directsimotics l linear motors
simotics l linear motors for motion controlsimotics m main motorssimotics n-compact
simotics s servomotorssimotics sd severe duty motorssimotics t torque motors
simotics xp explosion-proof motorssingle-phase electric motorssl2 synchronous linear motors
smoke extraction motorsspecial compressor motorssplit-phase electric motors
steering column adjustment, automotive electric motorsstepping electric motorssub-fractional horsepower electric motors
submersible electric motorssunroof, automotive electric motorssynchronous electric motors
synchronous generators hydropowersynchronous generators industrialsynchronous generators industrial
synchronous generators low voltagesynchronous generators marinesynchronous generators medium voltage
synchronous machinessynchronous motors
 gear units
standard gear units
shaft mounted shaft mounted gearboxes-gearmotorssingle stage gearboxes-gearmotors
slewing drives speed reducers
 gearboxes mobile equipment
slew drive
sk+ / spk+
servo and main spindle geared motorsservo and main spindle geared motorssimogear geared motors
simogear geared motorssimogear helical bevel geared motorssimogear helical bevel geared motors
simogear helical geared motorssimogear helical geared motorssimogear parallel shaft geared motors
simogear parallel shaft geared motorsspiroplan gearmotors
servo engineering tool
 industrial brakes
special clutches and brakesspring applied brakesstandard clutches and brakes
 linear actuators
single axis robots
 mechanical seals
single cartridge o-ring sealsingle mechanical seal with non-pressurised quench for sulzer ahlstar pumpssingle mechanical seals for abs pumps
single mechanical seals for sulzer ahlstar pumpssingle mechanical seals with non pressurised quench for abs pumpssingle, heavy duty cartridge seals
 motor controls
sc-m/sc-e series contactors systems (air knife, vacuum cleaning)
special executionsspecial manifolds ss flanged "y" type strainer
ss threaded "y" type strainersvp series
 planetary gearheads
sp+ / sp+ high speed
 power tools
safety footwearscrewdrivers and bitsself locking pliers and bar clamps
sockets and accessories
s 100dsecochem exsewabloc
sewatecsez superbloc sbc.b
 seal support systems
safecleansafematic seal support systemssafeunit
safeunit ultimaseal support systems seal water control and monitoring system
seal water control and monitoring systemseal water filter systemseal water filtering
split sprockets and idlerssprockets platewheels
 valves ... serie 3 se.mnc
se3ln3... serie 4serie 2000 pn 16serie fp - minicentrale idraulica
serie fp - minicentrale idraulicash03…sicca 150-600 glc
sicca 150-600 gtcsicca 150-600 sccsicca 800-1500 gtf
sicca 800-2500 glfsicca 800-2500 pcfsicca 900-2500 glc
sicca 900-2500 gtcsicca 900-2500 sccsisto-10
sisto-rsksisto-rskssmall antipollution checkable model in conformity with uni en 1717 (type ea)
small for drinkable water in conformity with uni en 1074-3 small standard threaded small diameter check valves small with reinforced pin for use with gas or steam
ss clapet stainless steel swing check valves ss faucets one piece reduced bore ball faucets ss floating valves full bore floating valves
ss sight glasses staal 100 akd/akdsstaal 100 akk/akks
staal 40 akd/akdsstaal 40 akk/akkssu im series - clutch and belt supports
 welding machines
spot inverter welding machinesspot welding machines
 welding machines accessories
spot accessories
solid wheels and rollersstandard rubber wheels
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