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The wide range of its products widely satisfy all the market’s needs in various market sectors; just one supplier to satisfy large and various operative and productive demands. Browse through our detailed list of industrial products and services to access companies within these and many other categories. Call us +39 080.5367090
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electric drives
ac drives 
AC Drives Our simple, flexible product lines make choosing the right drive very easy. For more demanding solutions our engineers, located within our Drive Centre and Reseller network, are available to discuss your needs and provide advice. Inquire Now › 
ac, dc and servo motors 
Control Techniques Brushless Servo Motors Unimotor FM is a brushless AC servo motor range performance matched for use with Control Techniques Servo drives. The initials FM are shorthand for Flexible Motor - designed to accommodate a wide range of applicat Inquire Now › 
controllers for dc motors 
Inquire Now › 
dc drives 
Control Techniques DC Drives Mentor II Intelligent DC Drive 25A - 1850A (75kW - 750kW) Mentor II is the World’s favourite DC drive, installed in hundreds of thousands of applications across the world, providing the reliability, power and control to inc Inquire Now › 
drive options 
Control Techniques Drive Options Control Techniques option modules provide the ultimate flexibility to customise the drive features to meet the needs of your application. Intelligence Programmable automation and motion option modules Communications Inquire Now › 
drive systems 
Control Techniques Drive Systems Through our international Drive Centres we have over 30 years’ experience in providing complete solutions for thousands of applications from a control system for an automatic welder through to the complete line control in Inquire Now › 
electronic test  
In addition to safety, high speed and amenity, modern railway systems are expected to be more economical, consume less energy, need less maintenance, and be environment-friendly. Recent remarkable advances in power electronics, microelectronics, and infor Inquire Now › 
The Fuji Electric Group has compiled a new mid-term plan (covering the period fiscal 20062008) containing measures to promote the realization of a society based on sustainable development. This plan formulates environmental management policies for reducin Inquire Now › 
frenic5000g11s/p11s series  
Inquire Now › 
frenic5000vg7s series 
European models - Cover, Feature - Variation, Specifications, External Dimensions, Keypad Operations, Basic Wiring Diagram, Terminal Functions, Protective Functions, Function Settings - Peripheral Equipment Connection Diagrams, Options, Guideline for Supp Inquire Now › 
frenic-eco series  
>>Appearance Product appearance Exploded view of main body Keypad switches and functions Monitor display & key operation >>Major Functions, Features Enhanced Energy Savings Long life design that meets your expectation Simplified maintenance Inquire Now › 
frenic-mini series  
The "Adobe Acrobat Reader" is required to view Instruction Manual. If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat Reader, please download it from the Adobe Systems site. Preface, Table of Contents BEFORE USING THE INVERTER MOUNTING AND WIRING OF THE INVERTER OPE Inquire Now › 
frenic-multi series  
Molded Case Circuit Breakers Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers,Earth Leakage Protective Relays Circuit Protectors,Low Voltage Fuses,Air Circuit Breakers High Voltage Disconnecting Switches,Power Fuses,Air Load Break Switches,Instrument Transformers High Inquire Now › 
Inquire Now › 
mechanics hand tools  
INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS TO AGE OLD PROBLEMS Generations of do-it-yourselfers have relied on tools made by Danaher for some of the best-known retail brands in the world. Danaher products are recognized by professional automotive technicians around the world Inquire Now › 
medical technologies 
, Inquire Now › 
In the search for solutions to global environmental problems, electric energy is gaining importance for its cleanness. Power electronics is a core technology for electric energy conversion, and its flexibility and controllability hold the key to achieve a Inquire Now › 
product identification  
Fuji Electric offers the most reliable Push Buttons, Illuminated Push Buttons, Selector Switches and Pilot Lights with various distinctive features. These include compact design (the shallowest depth in the market for industrial use), simplified design fo Inquire Now › 
servo drives 
Control Techniques New Digitax ST Intelligent Servo Drive 0.72Nm to 19.3Nm (57.7Nm Peak) Meeting the demands of modern lean manufacturing environments requires smaller more flexible machinery. Digitax ST is the first ever drive designed to help machine Inquire Now › 
Control Techniques Overview Control Techniques software tools make it easier to access the drive’s full feature set. Our software allows you to optimise the drive tuning, back-up the configuration, configure the on-board automation and motion controller a Inquire Now › 
solutions software 
Control Techniques Overview Control Techniques Solutions Software are programmes that have been developed to solve a range of common industrial drive applications, they embed years of knoweldge and make full use of our high-performance drive option module Inquire Now › 
syn digital inverter 
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vcb digital inverter  
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