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The wide range of its products widely satisfy all the market’s needs in various market sectors; just one supplier to satisfy large and various operative and productive demands. Browse through our detailed list of industrial products and services to access companies within these and many other categories. Call us +39 080.5367090
Product Categories
1000-series modular conveyor belts 
Boxes One-way Glass Shrinkwrapped Products Plastic Containers Cans 2-piece Cans 3-piece Ref PET One-way PET Inquire Now › 
1000-series supergrip belts 
Boxes Crates Shrinkwrapped Products Inquire Now › 
1005-series heavy duty belts 
Boxes Crates Shrinkwrapped Products Inquire Now › 
1005-series heavy duty lbp belts 
Inquire Now › 
1005-series heavy duty supergrip belts 
Inquire Now › 
2000-series modular conveyor belts 
Cans 2-piece Cans 3-piece Boxes One-way Glass Ref PET Plastic Containers Inquire Now › 
2500-series glass pasteurizer belts 
Inquire Now › 
500-series modular conveyor belts 
Boxes Ref PET One-way PET Shrinkwrapped Products Plastic Containers Cans 2-piece Cans 3-piece Inquire Now › 
auto aftermarket 
GATES BELTS BladeRunner - AG Belts Hi-Power II Belts Tri-Power Belts (Molded Notch) Dubl-V Belts Predator Belts Micro-V Belts - Dual Sided Micro-V AT™ Belts - Auto PJ Micro-V Belts - Appliance Micro-V Belts - Automotive Fleet Runner - Micro-V Bel Inquire Now › 
automotive oe 
GATES CRANKSHAFT DAMPERS Gates uses a patented spun steel manufacturing process that provides optimal design flexibility to produce hubs from a single piece of steel. Inquire Now › 
auxiliary belts kit 
Inquire Now › 
clamping bealt plates 
Inquire Now › 
Dampers The Damper is a device which absorbs vibrations from the crankshaft. Often used as a drive pulley for PV belts to power auxiliary components (water pump, power steering, alternator, air compressor). Inquire Now › 
dayco hd range 
Dayco HD Range DaycoHD auxiliary transmission belts range has been created in order to cover heavy duty applications such as Buses, Trucks, Tractors and Earth Moving Machines. Within the HD range are the following belts: Gold Label, high quality f Inquire Now › 
finger transfers 
BENEFITS Time saving The click-fit system for the 1000- and 2000-series makes it easy to install and remove the fingers, as you will see on the picture below. The system for the 2500 glass pasteurizer belt makes it possible to remove the single finge Inquire Now › 
Boxes Shrinkwrapped Products Plastic Containers Inquire Now › 
gates markets & applications 
Aggregate – Solutions for Belt Drive Applications Use high-quality Gates belts on your processing equipment drive systems. Belts for crusher and screen equipment: Predator® Belts – Best Belts Available for Crusher Equipment Super HC® Molded Notch V-B Inquire Now › 
gates pulleys & sprockets 
Metal Products Overview Sprockets, Sheaves, Pulleys, Bushings and Idlers Gates carries a full line of metal products to complement our synchronous belts and V-belts. Find a Distributor PA Engineers Local Gates Rep Gates Made-To-Order Metal ServiceTh Inquire Now › 
gates snowmobile belts 
Belt Testimony I recently purchased a Gates extreme snowmobile belt. I have approximately 800 miles on the belt at this time and it is showing no signs of abnormal wear. The previous OEM belt I used had small vertical cracks forming on the sides of the be Inquire Now › 
gates synchronous belts 
Gates new Poly Chain® GT® Carbon™ Belt. Nothing Tougher. If you thought roller chain was your only drive option, think again. Gates new Poly Chain® GT® Carbon™ belt is part of a powerful synchronous belt drive system that outperforms roller chain in even Inquire Now › 
gates v belts 
V Belt Product Overview Gates is the world’s largest manufacturer of industrial power transmission products. We sell more belts to the industrial market than any other brand. PROBLEM-SOLVING V BELTS PowerBand® Belts Gates invented the “joined” PowerBa Inquire Now › 
heavy duty auxiliary transmission kits 
Inquire Now › 
heavy duty kits 
Inquire Now › 
Hoses Dayco hoses are fully compatible with the chemical properties of the fluid they transport and with international quality standard Inquire Now › 
htd belts gates 
Inquire Now › 
industrial fluid power 
GATES HYDRAULICS Hydraulic Hose Couplings Assemblies Adapters Quick Disconnect Couplers - G94 and G95 Series Accessories Assortments Equipment GATES AUTOMOTIVE HYDRAULICS Hydraulic Hose Bulk (Per Ft.) MegaTech™ Hydraulic Hos Inquire Now › 
industrial power transmission 
Inquire Now › 
magnetflex chainbelt systems 
Boxes Cans 2-piece Cans 3-piece One-way Glass Return Glass Ref PET One-way PET Crates Plastic Containers Inquire Now › 
magnetflex curves 
Steel Chains Plastic Chains Chainbelts Inquire Now › 
metric bars ct for metric belts at 
Inquire Now › 
metric bars t 
Inquire Now › 
metric bealts at mectrol 
Inquire Now › 
metric belts t mectrol 
Inquire Now › 
metric pulleys ct for at belts 
Inquire Now › 
metric pulleys t 
Inquire Now › 
poly chain gt bars 
Inquire Now › 
poly chain gt2 belts gates 
Inquire Now › 
poly v belts 
Inquire Now › 
poly v belts 
Inquire Now › 
poly v belts pulleys for taper bushes 
Inquire Now › 
power transmission belts 
Power Transmission Belts Timing Belts: for car and light trucks application, with tooth profile designed in relation to the range of operating conditions they have to meet. Auxiliary Transmission belts for: Car: poly ribbed belts simple and dou Inquire Now › 
power transmission kits 
Power Transmission Kits Timing Belts Kits and Auxiliary belts kits range has been developed for an easy and safe replacement of the transmission system major components to assure long lasting working conditions for the whole system the range incl Inquire Now › 
powergrip gt belts gates 
Inquire Now › 
pulleys poly chain gt taper lock 
Inquire Now › 
taper lock timing belt pulleys 
Inquire Now › 
Tensioners Dayco’s tensioner range is mainly for auxiliary power transmission system applications, developed for the original equipment market. The range covers passenger cars and heavy duty applications. Inquire Now › 
timing bars 
Inquire Now › 
timing belt pulleys 
Inquire Now › 
timing belt pulleys export type 
Inquire Now › 
timing belts gates 
Inquire Now › 
timing belts kit 
Inquire Now › 
v belts poliflex gates 
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