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The wide range of its products widely satisfy all the market’s needs in various market sectors; just one supplier to satisfy large and various operative and productive demands. Browse through our detailed list of industrial products and services to access companies within these and many other categories. Call us +39 080.5367090
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conveyor belts
conveyor and process belts 
Conveyor and process belts CHIORINO manufactures conveyor and process belting from raw materials through the complete cycle of both sophisticated calenders and spreading lines to a manufacturing width of 2000, 3000 and 3500 mm. CHIORINO belts are suitab Inquire Now › 
jointing equipment 
Joint equipment The ENGINEERING DIVISION of CHIORINO designs and supplies equipment for making endless conveyor and transmission belts. This booklet illustrates LIGHTWEIGHT EQUIPMENT and equipment suitable for JOINTING ON SITE, which are available ex-sto Inquire Now › 
roller coverings 
"Texgum" roller coverings "Texgum" roller coverings are designed to increase the coefficient of friction of rollers and are used mainly in the weaving and finishing sectors of the Textile industry. They are manufactured to the highest possible standards Inquire Now › 
rubber and silicone sheeting 
Rubber and silicone sheeting CHIORINO manufactures rolls and sheeting in a wide variety of polymers depending on the type of application: - elastomer where high flexibility is required; - silicone for high temperature and non-stick application. MF sheet Inquire Now › 
rubber aprons 
» RUBBER APRONS CHIORINO manufactures a wide range of MF elastomer belts suitable for applications in various industrial sectors (carton folding industry, packaging, post office automation etc.). The main characteristics of “MF” CHIORINO endless Inquire Now › 
transmission belts 
Flat transmission belts CHIORINO manufactures from raw materials a wide range of high duty transmission belts with excellent resistance to temperature, oils, dust and abrasion. Inquire Now › 
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